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The “Ahtna Phrase of the Day” radio program was the brainchild of Ahtna Heritage Foundation Staff Liana Charley-John and Tana Mae Pete. They contacted KCAM radio station in Glennallen to gauge their interest in producing a program with the Ahtna language in it. The timing was perfect. The radio station was interested, and a partnership was born.

Kari Shaginoff, who then was the Language Director for Ahtna Heritage Foundation, developed the Ahtna/English phrases. KCAM ran the radio program throughout the fall/winter of 2009.

Ahtna elders Charlie Hubbard of Cantwell, Robert John of Mentasta, Markle Pete of Tazlina, and Etta Bell of Chitina (deceased) are the elders whose voices can be heard on the recordings which were divided according to the dialect they speak: Western, Upper, Central, and Lower Ahtna.


  1. English phrase is spoken then followed with the Ahtna version of the phrase.

  2. The Ahtna version of each phrase is repeated 3 times. First, by an Ahtna elder; second, by a young woman; and third, by a school age student.

Our heartfelt thanks to the Ahtna elders who participated in the production and taping of the program, to Kari Shaginoff for developing the phrases and working with the speakers, to leadership and staff at the Ahtna Heritage Foundation and to the younger Ahtna speakers Tana Mae and Kayla Pete whose voices can be heard repeating the phrases. Tsin’aen!

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